Photography resume

My name is Katie Svobodina

Photography has been my passion since the 1st generation of affordable personal film cameras showed up on the market, that's when I bought my first camera. I was only 12. Although, it wasn't compared to the excitement of affordable digital cameras, I wasn't limited by the film anymore.

The last 13 years I have spent learning photography and every aspect of it, and the last 5 years I have been working as a professional photographer. To get to professional level I have started with upgrading to Sony camera and learning all the settings of my equipment. I am proficient in different lighting, natural light and flash, studio strobes, and more. Over the years I have worked with people and have learned how to pose individuals and big groups, as well as capturing candid moments. Before COVID, I had my own studio space in Downtown Portland. Which allowed me to work with product and be creative.

Out of all photography types, I think weddings can be the most challenging and also educational. And yes, I have shot a lot of weddings as well. Wedding is one day you can't take back, you can't redo it, so you have to be prepared for things to go wrong and work through difficulties that come up. You are also not in control of things like light and the environment (there are churches that don't allow flash use during ceremony for example), and once again you have to adjust accordingly. Weddings are like one big test, it challenges your knowledge and skills of photography, it also incorporates a lot of different styles of photography; portraits, environmental, macro, storytelling, landscape and more.

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Photography resume

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